Xenoblade Chronicles - literally anything new :)

my favourites are engage the enemy, sword valley day, valak mountain night, central factory, time to fight, an obstacle in our path, unfinished battle, satorl marsh day, face, the god slaying sword, zanza the divine, to the final battle,alcamoth day and night, rage darkness of the heart, a friend on my mind, rikis kindness, fallen arm night and thoughts enshrined.
Any are appreciated.
I’m new to this site and guitar so just say if something about this post is wrong!

Check my channel in 3-4 months https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCDxMZKeEWp1xW-inv9wqC9w/videos. I am planning to record complete OST of Xenogears, Xenosaga and Xenoblade,re-recording old tabs and sharing news ones.


OMG so nice, I want them old game OST tab. Could I specially request a “A small two of pieces” arrangement. Cant’ seem to find any acoustic version on the net

Yes, I will record it with a singer eventually.

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nice u have my instant subscribe