Yakuza - Bakamitai

TXT: Yakuza OST - Baka Mitai.txt (4.6 KB)
PDF: Yakuza OST - Bakamitai.pdf (65.5 KB)
GP5: Yakuza OST - Baka Mitai - GP5.gp5 (3.8 KB)
MIDI: Yakuza OST - Baka Mitai.mid (1.6 KB)

Full zip (with gp7): Yakuza OST - Bakamitai.zip (76.1 KB)
Song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g3jCAyPai2Y

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I made some changes to make it easier to play. Here’s the full zip:

Yakuza OST - Bakamitai.zip (76.1 KB)


My first reaction was pretty close to N64 kid. Thank you!!!

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Yakuza OST - Bakamitai - GP5 ME EDIT.gpx (26.0 KB)

I made some additions to add color and texture - see what you think!

That’s nice. When I play, I usually add more than what’s in the tab. But I wanted to keep the tab simple so more people could play it.

I also made a video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VMESz7yrXP0